The Jailbirds -The Last One
Hallo Freunde!

Nach 25 Jahren Rockabilly möchten wir uns verabschieden!
Die Jailbirds bedanken sich bei Euch!!!

Das letzte Konzert der Jailbirds WAR am 21.Nov.2015 im
Hapa Haole Mülheim/Ruhr zum "Do The Mine Shake No 5".

Danke,  an Alle die da waren!

und Danke an
Mr. Paul Ansell,
Miss Sam Inmates, und Miss Sandy WildRock'n'Roll!!!


R.I.P. 21.11.2015



Authentic lead vocals, cool slap-bass, twang guitar and a driving drumbeat. Their Special - a mix of origin rockabilly classics, own compositions and modern highlights with typical vintage touch. Since the early 90s the Jailbirds are an integral part of the German Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly -scene, showing own unique style with enthusiasm, and always leave a positive lasting impression.
High Class Hot Rock`n`Roll

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Authentische Leadstimme, cooler SlapBass, twang Gitarre und treibende Drums. Ihr Special - der Mix aus alten Rockabilly-Classics, eigenen Kompositionen und modernen Highlights mit typischem Vintage-Touch. Seit Anfang der 90er Jahre fester Bestandteil der deutschen Rock’n’Roll- und Rockabilly-Szene bieten die Jailbirds mit Ihrer ihr eigenen Stiltreue und positiven Spielfreude immer bleibenden Eindruck. High Class Hot Rock`n`Roll



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Audio: The JAILBIRDS perform Eddie Cochran's CUT ACROSS SHORTY



*Actual CD "SPECIAL" *



This "Special" is a kind of "Best-Of-Jailbirds"- compilation, and it gives a good view over their recordings. All songs were re-mastered for equal sound level and better dynamic range.
Some songs were even re-recorded.

There are 20 songs out of 5 official releases,
plus 7 more songs from various hard-to-find Rock'n'Roll samplers. The idea was to give the impression of the "best and the rest" in over 15 years of Jailbirds' song-history.

1. Viva Las Vegas
15. Good Luck Charme

2. Light My Fire

16. Tornado

3. Layla

17. Spend A View

4. Blue Blue Day

18. One Eyed Jack

5. Sealed With A Kiss

19. Tell Me Why

6. She´s Gone

20. Birds Are Back

7. As Long As I Live

21. Waterboy

8. Boppin´ Rosalie

22. Summerwine

9. Number One

23. That Blue Moon

10. Cats In The Cradle

24. Never Talked About Me

11. My Girl No.1

25. GoneAway

12. Secret Agent Man

26. Midnight Train

13. Hurt Again

27. Wild Ones'

14. Faith



available via:
Part Records



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Foto by Ms. KuhnKuhl, Dinslaken, thx ;-)